chamber music

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become a member

In order to subscribe, we request you to send an email to: while indicating

1) Your given names and surname
2) Your instrument (if you play several instruments: instrument 2, etc)
3) Your level for instrument 1, 2 etc, based on the auto-evaluation according to the system of the ACMP (instructions here)
4) Your email address (and eventual second email address)
5) Your home address
6) To profit from the reduction for students, please indicate that you are student, and the university where you study

Within a few weeks you will receive a confirmation by email, the instructions for wiring the annual subscription (CHF 20 pour l'année 2017, students CHF 10), and the pass-word for accessing the member-search of Cambristi Lemani.

Moritz von Schwind  (1804–1871). An Evening at Baron von Spaun's, 1868. Art Resource, NY