Cambristi Lemani
chamber music

how we function

The goal of the association Cambristi Lemani is to promote chamber music within the cross-border Lemanic and adjacent regions. The association, which has its seat in Geneva, develops the following activities:
  1. Providing a directory of the Cambristi Lemani chamber musiciens who are member of our association
  2. Organising musical events
  3. Managing this website
Members of our association are chamber musicians or music lovers who wish to support the association, be informed of its activities or attend concerts. Information collected during registration remains confidential, except as provided in the Cambristi Lemani directory. This directory is exclusively available to members of the association and for the purpose of playing chamber music. It can not be published elsewhere. We will not distribute lists of email addresses. Members living outside the Lemanic region are welcome.
To appear in the directory new members are requested to pay a subscription fee (CHF 20) which is to be renewed on a yearly basis.

Our musical meetings
Our musical meetings provide the opportunity for Cambristi Lemani to present a piece of music in a convivial atmosphere. Participation to these meetings is free of charge.

Our website
The site summarizes useful information for the Cambristi Lemani and for those wishing to join the association.

Our organization
The Cambristi Lemani form a non-profit association under Swiss civil law. Its activities are managed by a committee of volunteers with a two-year mandate, which can be renewed twice. The financing comes from the yearly subscriptions, donations and occasional subsidies. Expenses include the running budget, rental of rooms and other expenses for the musical gatherings.

Download the statutes (french document pdf)